Text by Thomas Weski
The Fläming is a region in the south and southwest of Berlin. It was named after the Flemings, Dutch speaking settlers who colonized the area more than a thousand years ago. For centuries the Fläming was – and still is – kind of a forgotten landscape.
About 80 kilometers south of Berlin lies Schloss Wiepersdorf, a manor house built around 1730 A.C. In 1814, Achim von Armin, one oft he most important writers oft he German Romanticism, moved there from Berlin, escaping the emerging capital and following the romantic idea of living in the countryside. Since then it has always been an important place for literature and art in Germany. For more than 60 years now Schloss Wiepersdorf has served as an artists’ residence.
In Spring 1997, Hans-Christian Schink spent four months there, fascinated by the atmosphere of this remote landscape and by the fact that the facades of the village houses are telling so much about the life in a rural region.
Kamakura, Japan 2012, en, 44 pp., 26 ills., 23.5 x 18.6 cm, Hardcover clothbound
Limited edition of 500
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